SCOPES Tokyo Night (Closing)
12.06 (Fri) | WOMB, TOKYO, JAPAN

SCOPES Tokyo Night (Closing)

  • date_range 12.06 (Fri) 23:00 to 04:30

"SCOPES" in Japan has lined up several contents, such as new business, art, music, and fashion with the concept of "a meeting of world-leading pioneers and Porsche values." Porsche's new "Taycan," their first fully-electric sports car, will be opened to the public during the vehicle exhibition at SO-CAL LINK GALLERY In Omotesando from November 22 (Friday) to December 7 (Saturday).

In addition, there will be two special night events: 11/23 SCOPES Tokyo Night (opening), and 12/6 SCOPES Tokyo Night (closing) in WOMB, Shibuya, where diverse cultures meet and Millennials gather.

As the next generation plays an important role in increasingly diverse fields, strong creativity not constrained by trends or conventions will invigorate the shift into a new era.

Welcome to 16 days of true values meeting and resonating.