Tokyo: Ramen Tasting Tour with Local Ramen Guru

  • date_range 09.23 (Mon) 14:00 ⇨ 09.30 (Wed) 22:00
  • place中目黒駅 南口
  • 3-4-1 Kamimeguro, 目黒区 Tokyo 153-0051

Enjoy 6, tour-exclusive, mini bowls of different delicious ramen.
Become a ramen expert, learning about ramen origins, types, preparation, and trends.
Visit 3 unique ramen shops in 3 distinct Tokyo neighborhoods.

・Enjoy 6 mini bowls of different delicious ramen from 11 choices
・Take in the sights and sounds at 3 amazing ramen shops with their own ramen style
・Visit 3 distinct Tokyo neighborhoods including Shibuya
・Become a ramen expert by learning about ramen origins, types, and preparation

【Full Description】
At 3 award-winning ramen shops, sample 6 completely different mini bowls of delicious ramen.
These are approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the size of full ramen bowls,
which allows you to eat a great variety of ramen on your tour.
Choose 6 from a selection of 11 ramen mini bowls.
Learn all about ramen, from its history to its preparation.
Discover a different ramen topic at each of the shops, via colorful handouts and visuals.

The tour will take place in three unique Tokyo neighborhoods, including Shibuya.
At shop 1 sample light fish ramen and learn about ramen origins and types.
Head to a cozy little ramen shop with unique fish-based ramen that you would not find outside of Japan.
At shop 2 savory curry ramen and learn about ramen preparation.
Have perfectly balanced curry ramen with flavors that you will never forget.
At shop 3 sample a fusion pork ramen and learn about ramen trends and the future for ramen.
These are perhaps the best bowls for photographs. Enjoy this fun and delicious fusion tonkotsu ramen.

・6 mini bowls of ramen
・1 drink

【Max pax no.】
・10 (15 if advance notice)

・Private Tour Price:17000円
・Joining Group Price(7 pm to 10 pm):13000円
・Joining Group Price(2 pm to 5 pm):12000円

【Know before you go】
• Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking
• The ramen shops can remove meat toppings
 but please note that all broths are blended with meat

※Next March 1st to May 31st + All Tour:+¥1,000