Dub Cinema
10.06 (Sun) | B1FLAT, TOKYO, JAPAN

Dub Cinema

  • date_range 10.06 (Sun) 15:00
  • grade Disco / Reggae
  • labelBim One ProductionCojie of Mighty Crown荏開津広飯島直樹 (DISC SHOP ZERO)
  • placeB1FLAT
  • 渋谷区恵比寿西1-34-17 Za HouseビルB1F

When you put a turntable, amplifier, and speakers on the pickup truck
Mobile DISCO “Sound System” ready for dispatch!
In the 1950s, it suddenly started in the Jamaican ghetto area
Sound culture "sound system".

This work is packed with beautiful and hopeful stories about community music.
The sound system does not discriminate against and does not distinguish between dancers.
Bass is given equally to all people.
To survive in a world where the division continues every day (fun!).
Indigenous people of Trinidad and the sound system of Techno Braga,
I was amazed by the rare episodes.
Hajime Oishi (writer)

Screening Worms : 「SOUND SYSTEM」
Date: : 2019年10月6日(Sun)
Venue : B1FLAT (ex UNICE)
Time : OPEN : 15:00 / START : 15:00
Screening Time : 1st 16:20 / 2nd 20:00 (60min)
DJ : Bim One Production / Cojie of Mighty Crown / Egaitsu Hiroshi
Talk Session : Iijima Naoki (DISC SHOP ZERO) x Egaitsu Hiroshi
Cinema Sounds : EASS
Food: Torako Syokudou
Ticket:Day ¥2,500/ Adv ¥2,000
   (mandatory cash drink purchase at entrance)
   *Free entry for children aged under 6.

※ No re-entry
※ Ticket needed for primary school kids and above
※ Free number seat on day ticket
※ Even if the 1st movie is over,
you can enjoy it for the second and subsequent times. (No replacement)

Supported by Tokyo Dub Attack

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