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  • 12.07 (Fri) 23:00 to 04:30 / OPEN: 23:00 CLOSE: 4:30
  • 中田ヤスタカTeddyLoidFumihiko Chiba2BOYYASUKIKBKN(ZiGZAG)KitotoISPA滝紘平JerichoMOJUMOJUSOY TOWNDJ hana3nmyuGASTONおもしろ桐乃マンAI TERADA

"FLASH!!!" is renowned as the one and only long-running weekend regular party featuring musician/producer Yasutaka Nakata. Changing to a bimonthly event, this time will see an appearance from a good friend of Yasutaka Nakata, TeddyLoid, who is in the process of releasing two albums consecutively to bring to a close his collaboration album series "SILENT PLANET." He's sure to make FLASH!!! even more of a blast. The WOMB LOUNGE will feature "FERMENTATION" by FLASH!!! DJ MOJUMOJU. With live music from "SOY TOWN," which he is the leader of. Make sure not to miss out on experiencing the diverse music this utterly individual lineup will play.


  • Event by ASOBISYSTEM