Tickets for / COT & ageHa present Sacred Technology 1st Japan Tour 11.18 (Sat) ⇨ 11.18 (Sat)
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  • DATE: 2023-11-18
  • TIME: 11/18 (Sat) TBA - LATE
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COT & ageHa present Sacred Technology 1st Japan Tour
11.18 (Sat) ⇨ 11.18 (Sat) | CLUB CITTA`, Kanagawa, Japan

COT & ageHa present Sacred Technology 1st Japan Tour

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  • alarm Open 11/18 (Sat) 23:00
  • date_range 11/18 (Sat) TBA - LATE
  • grade Psychedelic / Trance
  • labelFadersVolcano on MarsAJRINKADINKYAMATO
9年目を迎えるCOT。ageHaのサポートを受けて、クラブチッタ・川崎で、新たなるダンスの伝説を贈る!トランスミュージックの最前線を走るレーベルSacred Technologyのスター達を集結し、秋シーズン最大にして最高の周年パーティー、ここにて炸裂!

COT — the country's largest international rave community is turning nine! And we're joining forces with none other than the legendary ageHa to bring you the most ambitious show of the fall season — at the incredible Club Citta in Kawasaki!

Taking to the stage will be the all-stars of unstoppable vanguard label Sacred Technology, who will be unleashing their first-ever Japan tour! Formed from the visionary minds of Imagine Mars and Volcano, we present VOLCANO ON MARS — a unit boasting countless top-ranking tracks, including a recent hit collab with Tristan titled "Real World." Expect them to detonate the dance floor in ways that both boggle and excite the mind, as they make their long-awaited Japan debut!

Not stopping there, a long-time Japan favorite with an unprecedented four tracks in Beatport's top ten SIMULTANEOUSLY as of July — we give you FADERS. This supercharged artist has been breaking records since the start of his career, and won't be stopping anytime soon. From the undisputed anthem of 2022, his masterwork with Electric Universe titled "Calling For Peace," to the Killerwatts collab "Mushroom Song," and the Faders remix of Astrix - "Chaos" — if it's a Fader's production, it's a hit!

Also performing will be AJ, Sacred Technology label DJ and COT founder; RINKADINK, the undisputed pride of South Africa; Libero organizer YAMATO; rising star EKI-ONEIR-0; plus many, more leading names! Does the answer we seek lie within the dance? Let's find out together — at the biggest and best international rave production of 2023!

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・Nov. 18th (SAT)
・11:00 p.m.
・¥5,000 (DOOR) / ¥4,500 (ADV)

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