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御月民-Otsukimi- Open Air 2023

09.29 (Fri) ⇨ 10.01 (Sun) @ 白馬アルプスオートキャンプ
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Past Event

This event was held on 2023.09.29 (Fri).

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御月民-Otsukimi- Open Air 2023
09.29 (Fri) ⇨ 10.01 (Sun) | 白馬アルプスオートキャンプ, Nagano, Japan

御月民-Otsukimi- Open Air 2023

  • date_range 2023/09/29 (Fri) 19:00 - 2023/10/01 (Sun) 17:00
  • grade Techno / House / Psychedelic
  • place白馬アルプスオートキャンプ
  • Japan / Nagano
  • 〒339-9301 長野県北安曇郡白馬村北城9468 (9468 Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano)

昨年新たに壮大な北アルプス山脈の麓に佇む白馬アルプスオートキャンプ場へと開催地を移し、多方面に於いて大きな反響を生んだフルムーンパーティ”御月民 -Otsukimi- Open Air 2023” が開催!




フェスティバル肝心のサウンドシステムにはOtOdashi史上最高度にアップグレードされたTW Audioをインストールし、より透明度高く、没入感溢れるサウンドデザインとなっている。



中秋の天満月の元、北アルプスの壮大な自然に包まれた”御月民 -Otsukimi- Open Air 2023”をお楽しみください!



“Otsukimi Open Air 2023” will take place in “Hakuba Alps Auto Camp” as a new venue since last year under the Autumn full moon for 3days in September 2023.


This year, the 4th edition of the Otsukimi invites several precisely selected international artists and domestic artist to this venue which has the huge grass site and clear river besides, and promise to give you an unparalleled music experience with the finest quality of the techno.


The upgraded TW Audio, with the best quality ever in history of OtOdashi Sound System, is installed in the festival's essential sound system, bringing it more transparent and immersive sound experience.

Also, look forward to a space design that blends shamanic and botanical elements with the minimal lighting works.


Under the Autumn full moon, enjoy the largest ever Otsukimi Open Air 2022 surrounded by nature in Northern Alps to your heart's content!




▼Line up 


Sebastian Mullaert (Live)

Evigt Mörker (Live)


Valentin Ginies

Hypnotic Black Magic 




悪魔の沼 (Akuma No Numa) with MOODMAN


Sancho Meiso Chaya (Live)


You Forgot


Chris SSG


Keita & Soncho


-Sound Design-

OtOdashi (TW Audio)


-Space Design-

Samaya design

Taiki Kusakabe 


Ying Yang flowers

Heaven Hug Design


VJ Camel



-Food & Drink-

Nico / Happy food Tiger / Nicole’s kitchen×春ちゃんの手作り餃子 / ChaChaMaru Kitchen / Bus conro  / 世界の金ちゃんラーメン / Hybrid / Gone bananas / Tiny bird coffee / Euphoric combucha



Norari works /  Caveman / Leather craft chaos / Queen bee honey / HakubaCreativeCo / UNSPARE SHOP

& Tento Sauna




『Tea Ceremony』




Place : 

白馬アルプスオートキャンプ場 (Hakuba Alps Auto Camp)


Adress : 

〒339-9301 長野県北安曇郡白馬村北城9468 (9468 Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano)



Artist Performance : 

9.29(Fri) 18:00 - 25:00

9.30(Sat) 9:00 - 26:00

10.1(Sun) 8:00 - 17:00


Gate Open : 

9.29(Fri) 15:00


Gate Close : 

10.1(Sun) 19:00


エントランス受付時間 (Entrance Open) :  

9.29(Fri) 15:00 - 25:00

9.30(Sat) 8:00 - 22:00

10.1(Sun) 8:00 - 13:00





-Category1- (Sales end)



-Category2- (Sales end)



-Category3- 9/28(木) 23:59まで販売 / On sale until a day before Otsukimi begin



▼Limited Discount Ticket


•U27 Discout



•白馬地元割 (Hakuba Resident Discount) 



※エントランス受付時に、本人確認書や公共料金支払いの控えなどのご提示が必要となりますので、ご用意お願い致します。(Required to show your proof of age or any utility bill payment recept at the entrance so please bring it to the event.)


▼Camp & Parking

Auto Campの詳細はNoteにまとめてありますので、ぜひご参照ください!



•Auto Camp (A) 場内 (Sold Out)



•Auto Camp (B) 白馬森林オートキャンプ場 (Sold Out)

(Hakuba Shinrin Auto Camp, 10min walk from the venue)



*車両1台 + テント•タープ2~3張り目安 (1 car + 2~3 tents and tarps in total)


•Camp Ticket



•Parking Ticket




(If you want to extend your stay until Monday, please contact the administration building directly.)


Zaiko :










■新幹線と高速バス(最短ルート 約2時間50分)


1.東京駅→長野駅 (北陸新幹線)


2.長野駅→白馬八方 (高速バス 予約不要)




■高速バス (新宿より最安値 要予約)


・新宿→白馬八方バスターミナル、又は白馬駅 (9/29金)


・白馬八方バスターミナル→東京 (10/1日)













営業時間 : 午前10時〜午後20時半








If you are coming from the Tokyo metropolitan area, we recommend taking a bus if you are not coming by car. It takes about 7 minutes by walk from “Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal” to the venue. Also, direct bus from Shinjuku to Hakuba Happo require advance reservations, so please book early if you are considering this option!


■Shinkansen and highway bus (shortest route: approx. 2 hours and 50 minutes)


1.Tokyo Station→Nagano Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)

Approx. 90 min 

2.Nagano Station→Hakuba Happo (Highway bus, no reservation required)

Approx. 70 min. 



■Highway bus (lowest price from Shinjuku , reservation required)


・Shinjuku Basta→Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal or Hakuba Station (Fri, 29.09)

Approx. 4 hours 50 minutes 


・Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal→Tokyo (Sun, 01.10)




■Taxi Information

Late-night service available




Parking is available inside and outside the venue. When the inside parking lot reaches its capacity, you will be guided to the outside parking lot. The outside parking lot is a 2~3 minute walk from the venue, and unloading can be done inside the venue prior to parking. And also, Auto Camp is sold out and no additional tickets will be available.



Kurashita-no-Yu, which is next to the venue, is recommended. Please enjoy the 100% natural open-air bath pumped up from the stratum 1050m underground from the Northern Alps!



Open : 10AM-8:30PM

*Bring your own bath towels





Guideline :




■会場内への酒類の持ち込みの制限はありませんが、ダンスフロアへの缶や瓶の持ち込みは禁止です。Official Barをご利用ください。










■ The entrance reception time is fixed, so please cooperate with us during the reception time. If it is unavoidable, please contact the organizer in advance.

■ No direct fire is allowed inside the venue. For bonfires and BBQ, please use the bonfire stand you bring.

■ There are no restrictions on bringing alcohol into the venue, but cans and bottles are prohibited on the dance floor. Please use the Official Bar.

■Please help sort your garbage at the garbage stations set up at the venue. The organizer will collect burnable trash, plastic bottles, and cans, but please take all other trash home with you.

■ Please refrain from activities that may lead to noise in the neighbor.

■ Tickets will not be refunded due to the weather unless the event cannot be held due to a typhoon. In addition, tickets cannot be refunded if the performers are forced to cancel or change their appearance, change rule of the day, or cancel the party at the time of the party.

■ Tickets will be refunded if the party or venue are canceled under the governments self-restraint.

■ Contact Us : technotribeotsukimi@gmail.com


At last, We believe that  Otsukimi will only be completed with the support of all the participants and local people. Behind the fact that this party can take place is because of the positive contribution from the local people, and it is only possible on that basis. Therefore, we hope that you will join this party with the consideration for the area and local, respect for the nature of Hakuba Village, and above all, the cooperating with the participants each other including artists, and enjoy it to the fullest. 



See you on the dance floor🌙

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