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This event was held on 2023.02.11 (Sat).

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Sven Väth World Tour 2023 - “We only come out at night”
02.11 (Sat) ⇨ 02.12 (Sun) | WOMB, TOKYO, JAPAN

Sven Väth World Tour 2023 - “We only come out at night”

  • date_range 02/11 (Sat) 23:00 - 04:30
  • grade Techno / House
  • labelSven VäthATSUSHILIGHTING AIBAVJ MANAMIKyokaSatoshi OtsukiSakura TsurutaSAMOMichel6.doTakumi MakiA N NYOSHIROTTEN

Finally, COCOON RECORDINGS owner SVEN VÄTH will return to WOMB Tokyo.
The world tour, which starts every New Year, features an OPEN TO LAST energetic set centered on vinyl. Sven, a living legend, gives life to the party and leads the floor on an epic journey. Sven's love for Japan runs deep, and he was working hard during the pandemic, releasing his first album "CATHARSIS" in 2022. The song "Butoh" included in the album shows a special feeling for Japan. Dancer ATSUSHI, who also appears in the music video shot on Miyajima Island, a World Heritage site in Japan, will dance on the floor for this occasion in unison with Sven, their first collaboration in the world. 
This time, Sven also tours Japan. He will perform the night before at Immersive Theater THEATER 010, a nightspot that creates a new culture that ground opened in Hakata late last year, on February 10.
The one and only professional SVEN VÄTH, who has been receiving love calls from all over the world, will be at WOMB in 2023 to share his fascinating worldview with you.

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