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This event was held on 2021.06.05 (Sat).

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06.05 (Sat) | ageHa, TOKYO, JAPAN


  • date_range 06.05 (Sat) 23:00 to 05:30
  • grade Hip Hop

お祭りパーティー"THE CARNIVAL!!"シリーズ第3弾!!
「CREAM」が久しぶりのライブを披露!!さらに、今注目のHIP HOPアーティスト「¥ellow Bucks」、東京出身のR&Bシンガーソングライター「CIMBA」も登場する。

DJにはニューアルバムが話題の「DJ RYOW」に、全国で引っ張りだこの「DJ KEKKE」らがラインナップされた。


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■ 店内でのルールに関しては、アゲハガイドラインをご確認の上ご参加ください。





・パーティーの雰囲気、ageHaの雰囲気にそぐわないお客様は ご入場をお断りする場合がございます。


All Event Participants Must Abide by the Following:

- Both a temperature check and application of disinfectant are pre-requisites to entering. Those with a temperature of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or over, as well as those who feel physically unwell, will be denied entry.
- You must be wearing a mask to enter. Those without a mask will be able to purchase one at the entrance.
- There will be a maximum occupancy.
- When lining up to enter, please maintain a distance of 1 - 1.5m (approx. 3 - 5 ft.) from those around you.
- All event participants will be required to share their contact details (either when buying pre-sales or right before entry to the club). * Note the former is much more efficient.
- We will also be asking a few simple questions related to your recent state of health before entering.
- The shuttle bus from Shibuya will implement socially distanced seating, as well as thorough ventilation and disinfection measures.
- We recommend payment be done via cashless means. We accept all major credit and IC cards.
- A number of items will be absent from our product lineup for the time being.
- Note we will be implementing an hourly cleaning regimen for the venue facilities.
- Please maintain cough and sneeze etiquette at all times.
- Passing drinks between other event-goers and toasting in close proximity is prohibited.
- If you feel unwell either during the event or after returning home, please contact either our staff or the venue immediately.

ageHa Guideline

- You must be 20 years or older to enter and a vaild photo ID containing your birthdate is required at the door.
Copies are not acceptable. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone.
- Please understand that we have a no-refund policy on tickets in which there is a cancellation or an alteration in the performing artist(s).
- We don’t reissue advanced tickets under any condition. Please secure your tickets with the utmost care.
Furthermore, we do not accept cancellations or alterations after reservations have been made.
- We may decline entry into our venue if we decide on our discretion that a guest appears to be inappropriate for a particular party, or for ageHa.

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