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This event was held on 2021.05.29 (Sat).

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Gakugeki Takao-san ~Heike Bisyounen Aisetsutan
05.29 (Sat) ⇨ 06.01 (Tue) | Online Streaming

Gakugeki Takao-san ~Heike Bisyounen Aisetsutan

Densho no Tamatebako ~Tama Traditional Culture Festival 2021~

  • date_range 05.29 (Sat) 12:30 ⇨ 06.01 (Tue)

Nohgaku Player Gasho Yamanaka, priest of Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple

A collaboration of Japanese sounds that have been exchanged over hundreds of years. Based on the Noh play "Tsunemasa," which begins with a scene of mourning for a young warrior who lost his life in a battle between the Genji and the Heike clans, the play will be performed with the sounds of the soul of Japan, including Shomyo from the historic Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple, the pride of Hachioji. This is the first original collaborative performance in Japan. Enjoy the mystical echoes resonating in Takao-san along with traditional performing arts.

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