Past Event

This event was held on 2021.05.25 (Tue).

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  • date_range 2021/05/25 (Tue) 19:30 - 2021/05/28 (Fri)
  • grade Live

Live Streaming:5.25 tue. 7:30pm 〜 (Japan Local Time)
*Ticket can be purchased until 10:00pm on 5.28 fri. (Japan Local Time)
*Ticket allows purchaser to watch the archive video of the show which will be abatable until 11:59pm on 5.28 fri. (Japan Local Time)

ADAM at(p)
Kota Hashimoto(g)
Ya-knock(ds) [MAYSON’s PARTY]

・This performance will be available via online streaming only; it will not take place at a venue.
・After purchasing the ticket, refunds cannot be made for any reasons other than postponement or cancellation of the performance.
・Please be sure to review the system requirements and instructions for each streaming service platform before purchasing.
・We will do our very best to prepare for high-quality live streaming performances. However, due to the nature of live streaming on the Internet, there may be temporary pausing and/or disruptions caused by unexpected technical problems.
・We are not responsible for viewing or browsing problems caused by your Internet connection.
・Customers are responsible for all Internet access costs and landline costs. It is expected that the data usage will increase due to the live streaming performances. We recommend using a stable and high-speed internet connection (Wi-Fi etc) to enhance the quality of your viewing experience.
・As this event will be streamed live, you will not be able to playback what you have missed.
・The copyright of the video for live streaming distribution and recorded distribution belongs to Blue Note Japan, inc. Viewers are not allowed to use or record any contents (video, image, audio , or other copyrighted materials) without permission from Blue Note Japan, Inc.

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