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This event was held on 2021.05.09 (Sun).

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Global Livestream

  • date_range 05.09 (Sun) 04:00 ⇨ 06.09 (Wed) 05:00
  • grade R&B / Hip Hop
  • labelCraig David

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  • 午前4時開催 ワールドワイドプレミア配信 
  • 午後20時開催 再放送配信
  • ワールドワイドプレミア配信チケット+30日間アーカイブ配信、ライブバンドバージョンでの「キートゥマイハート」披露、アコースティックバージョンでの「フォータイムズアレディ」と「ヒューマン」披露、DJスプーニーとの独占インタビュー、そして、舞台裏映像の披露が特別特典が付きます。








Craig David "Born to do it" in a Global Livestream concert on May 09th 2021! 
In celebration of the 20th anniversary of his critically acclaimed first album!!!

With special tickets for the Japanese fans:
  • Worldwide Premier Streaming  at 4AM
  • Rebroadcast Streaming at 8PM
  • Worldwide Premier Streaming Ticket + 30 days archive with a bonus features including a live band version of 'Key to My Heart', acoustic versions of '4 Times A Lady' and 'Human', as well as an exclusive interview with DJ Spoony and behind the scenes footage.

Still holding the record as the fastest selling debut album by a British Male Solo act in UK Chart history, It will be the first time that Craig’s performed the critically acclaimed album in full, live with full band and in the original running order of the tracklisting. The show will also feature a Classic UK Garage set from DJ Spoony. 

Craig says, “This album means the world to me. I wanted to do something to celebrate the 20th anniversary and as touring live isn’t possible, I couldn’t let the anniversary go by without marking it in some way. Sharing this album with you has been one of the highlights of my career and I never thought I would get the opportunity to do the whole album in full like this - It’s going to be really special. Thank you for all the love and support these past 20!”

Since bursting onto the scene with his unforgettable debut album, ‘Born To Do It’, a genre-defining record that established Craig David as one of the UK’s most loved artists, Craig has since remained at the helm of his own unique, authentically British sound. 

Making waves across the globe as the voice of one of the most pivotal eras in UK music, and in turn, one of the most successful artists in UK chart history. In the 20th year of the release of the album that changed his life, Craig has since catapulted back into the charts and into the nation’s hearts with a string of chart hits and a Number 1 album marking the beginning of his triumphant return, which has since seen over 1.5billion streams on his last two albums ‘Following my Intuition’ and ‘The Time is Now’, alone.


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為了紀念首張熱銷專輯出版20週年,Craig David「Born to Do It」即將於2021年5月9日進行全球線上演出!

至今仍是出道專輯最快入選英國排行榜的紀錄保持人。將在此次線上活動中,表演專輯中所有收錄曲的原創及演唱會版本。除此之外還包括了DJ Spoony編曲的Garage版本。


为了纪念首张热销专辑出版20週年,Craig David「Born to Do It」即将于2021年5月9日进行全球线上演出!

至今仍是出道专辑最快入选英国排行榜的纪录保持人。将在此次线上活动中,表演专辑中所有收录曲的原创及演唱会版本。除此之外还包括了DJ Spoony编曲的Garage版本。

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