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This event was held on 2020.09.18 (Fri).

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09.18 (Fri) | Contact, TOKYO, JAPAN


  • date_range 09.18 (Fri) 22:00 to 05:00
  • grade House | Techno
  • labelGONNOYoshinori HayashiShhhhhRyota OPPSobriety

Gonno (Ostgut Ton | International Feel)
Yoshinori Hayashi (Smalltown Supersound | Going Good)

Shhhhh (El Folclore Paradox | The Observatory)
RYOTA OPP (Meda Fury | Tastee T Production)

『GonnoとYoshinori Hayashiが共演』

Gonno、Yoshinori Hayashi、公私ともに親交が深いこの二人の共演が多いのは、それぞれの特別な感性の共鳴に起因することは彼らのギグに立ち会ったリスナーであれば納得がいくはずだ。多様なダンスミュージックから無二のイマジネーションによって抽出した要素を凝縮、昇華するGonnoと、精巧無比なテクノ/ハウスの中でカルト的とさえ感じる特異な空間を創造するYoshinori Hayashiとのエクレクティックなスタイルの交わりは、初めてその音楽に出会ったリスナーへの感動はもちろん、コアなクラブファンをも十分に満足させうる、えも言われぬモダンな音楽体験を与えてくれるだろう。日本が世界に誇るこの二人に浮遊音楽ユニット0120のサポートが加わるのも絶妙の遊戯かもしれない。一方Contactフロアでは生楽器音とエレクトリックミュージックの近代的かつ理想的な配合を体験できる。2018年からベトナムのクラブThe ObservatoryのレジデントDJに就任したShhhhh、Nick The Recordにもその手腕を買われるRYOTA OPPやChloé JulietteことSobriety、さらに多幸感溢れる多国籍エクスペリメンタル・サウンド・プロジェクロifax!など、科学では作り得ない生楽器音の優位性と最先端の電子音楽の対比は、心地よい耳あたりと意識を攪拌する甘く幻覚的な感覚を味わわせてくれる。この日のラインナップで紡がれる夜は音楽カルチャーの醸成がなし得た或る到達点といえるかもしれない。

「Gonno and Yoshinori Hayashi share the decks」

The listeners can understand the reason behind the close friendship Gonno and Yoshinori Hayashi have, the two with distinct and superb sensibilities, when seeing the many gigs they have shared together and the way they resonate. With his unique imagination, Gonno extracts and compresses all the elements of various dance music into his sets. Yoshinori Hayashi creates an almost cult-like and peculiar atmosphere in his unrivaled world of Techno/House. For the core club fans, first-time listeners, the intersection of their eclectic styles will ensure much satisfaction and a modern musical experience. The unit 0120, their floating music that Japan boasts to the world, joins the main room as the supporting act to push the journey further.
In contrast, Contact floor fuses the sounds of live instruments and electronic music that ideally suits the modern times featuring the resident DJ of Vietnam’s club The Observatory since 2018, Shhhhh. RYOTA OPP, highly praised by Nick The Record for his skills, Sobriety a.k.a. Chloé Juliette, and the euphoric experimental sound project ifax! will pleasantly awaken your consciousness with hallucinatory sounds emphasizing on the superiority of live musical instruments combined with the latest electronic music, a concoction that simply cannot be created by science that may reach the highest point brewed by the music culture.

Open 10PM
¥1000 Under 23
¥1000 Before 11PM
¥2000 GH S Members
¥2500 FB discount
¥3000 Door

  • Yoshinori Hayashi
  • Shhhhh
  • Ryota OPP
  • Sobriety
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