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This event was held on 2020.10.09 (Fri).

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ASAGI (ASAGI -SOLO WORKS-) Kanze Noh Theater No audience performance Prayer for withdrawal of epidemics「Amabie」

  • date_range 10.09 (Fri) Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00 ⇨ 10.12 (Mon) 20:00
  • grade Rock / Visual
  • label浅葱(ASAGI -SOLO WORKS-)
  • 浅葱ASAGIアマビエアマビヱDAmabie

Live distribution from Kanze Noh Theater on October 9, 2020 (Friday)
Start: 18:30
Small non-electronic concert: 19:00
*Time may change.

Starring: ASAGI

Program (in no particular order)

[Regular viewing ticket] ¥2,000 (Japan and overseas)

[Watch tickets with all performance sound source songs + performance performance song downloads] ¥5,000 (Japan and overseas)

[All performance sound sources + All performance video downloads + Viewing ticket with autographed unattended performance photo collection (PDF)] ¥7,000 (Japan and overseas)

[All tickets for performances + Download all videos for performances + Viewing ticket with autographed non-audience performance photobook (photobook shipping fee included)] ¥7,550 (Ticket fee: ¥7,000 + Shipping fee: ¥550 / Only in Japan)

Each ticket issue fee will be charged separately.

・This ticket can be purchased by anyone who wants a PDF photo book regardless of Japan or overseas.
-The content is the same as the photo book.
・After this performance, we will send you an email as soon as you are ready.

・This ticket will be shipped only in Japan due to the concern that the arrival of the product may be delayed due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Please note.
・The price includes the photobook shipping fee of ¥550.
・It is necessary to enter the customer information required to send the photobook at the time of purchase. Please enter so that there is no mistake.
・It will be shipped as soon as it is ready after this performance.

*For those who live overseas and would like to purchase a ticket with a photobook for this performance*
Due to the concern that the arrival of products will be delayed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, photobooks will be shipped only within Japan.If you would like a ticket with photobook, please contact us.
[All performance sound source songs + all performance video downloads + viewing ticket with autographed unattended performance photo collection (PDF)] ¥7,000
Please select.

Saturday, September 5, 2020 12:00 to Monday, October 12, 21:00

Various credit cards, convenience store payments, PayPal, WeChat, Alipay.
*Payment fee will be charged depending on the payment method.

[Other notes]
・This performance will be distributed on the Internet. Please refrain from visiting the venue.
・After delivery, ticket buyers can view the archive until 23:59 on Monday, October 12.
・Recording of distribution contents is prohibited.
・A ZAIKO account (free membership registration) is required to purchase and view tickets.
・Email will be sent after purchasing the ticket. Please refer to the email for the browsing procedure.
・Regarding , we will send it separately when the download distribution is ready.
*If you have specified the domain as a countermeasure against junk mail, you may not be able to receive mail. Please set to receive "".
・The delivery URL can be viewed only with the purchased ZAIKO account.
*Even if you share the URL or post to SNS, you can only view it with your ZAIKO account.
-If you watch from the middle, it will be a live distribution from that point, and you cannot rewind and play during live distribution.
-About the viewing environment, it will be greatly affected by the status of the internet connection you are using.
*Please watch with the load on your line as low as possible.
Also, since it is expected that video transmission will result in a large amount of data communication, it is recommended to use a stable Internet environment (Wi-Fi, etc.).
・Customers are responsible for internet communication charges for browsing.
・Watching may not be smooth depending on the viewing environment.
Please note that the archive will remain.


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