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This event was held on 2020.09.03 (Thu).

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bar Contact
09.03 (Thu) | Contact, TOKYO, JAPAN

bar Contact

  • date_range 09.03 (Thu) 21:00 to 04:00
  • grade Techno | House
  • labelQmicoyossydance



渋谷最深部のテクノバーbar Contactが開店。今回、Pioneer DJM-V10を導入し、テクノ音源で最新ミキサーを味わいつくす。数々の大型フェスへの出演や世界のトップアーティストとの数多くの共演歴をもつQmicoや、Contactでも馴染みのYossy.Dといったクラブカルチャーに密接な関わりを持つラインナップでお届けする。よく冷えたお酒と共に、じっくり音を感じたり音楽談義に花を咲かせたりしながら晩夏の夜を漂ってみてはいかがだろう。

「Listen to the sound of the latest equipment」

The beginning of Shibuya’s deepest techno bar “bar Contact” equipped with Pioneer’s latest DJM-V10 mixer. Among the lineup, Qmico, female DJ who has shared the decks with many top artists from around the world at various clubs and festivals, will be joined by Yossy.D, the familiar name at Contact who’s closely involved in the club culture. Come out for some cold drinks, some good old conversations, and some good music for the end of the summer.

Open 9PM
¥1000 (1D) Door

  • Qmico
  • yossydance
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